Camp Nou

Camp Nou, simply Nou Camp in English, is the home stadium of FC Barcelona from the completion in 1957. As the largest stadium in Spain and Europe, the construction of Camp Nou was started in March 1954, because the old stadium of FC Barcelona was lack of room to expansion. The popular name Camp Nou was used rather than the planned name Estadi del FC Barcelona. The reaching of agreement between FC Barcelona and footballer László Kubala propels the further construction of a larger stadium.

The first European Cup Winners' Cup final between Rangers and Dynamo Moscow was held at the stadium. Rangers defeated Dynamo Moscow 3-2. The signing of Johan Cruyff is a turning point for FC Barcelona. The stadium was expanded in 1980 for the 1982 FIFA World Cup. In the expansion in 1980, there are many boxes, VIP lounges, new press area, new markers and the third-tier stand was added. The expansion also added 22,150 new seats for the stadium, and the total capacity increased to 121,401 seats. As one of several stadiums having been used throughout the 1982 World Cup, the inauguration ceremony of the stadium was held in June, 1982. It also was also a stadium held many matches more than any in Spain.

The capacity has changed greatly over many years. The capacity increased to 121,749 seats from the original 106,146 seats for the sake of 1982 FIFA World Cup. Besides being taken as a home stadium for Barcelona, it is home to Catalan national team. The stadium also can be used for other football events. The European Cup final was held in May 1989, with Italian side winning 4-0. The football stadium was taken to host parts of the competition and the 1992 Summer Olympics. In order to host those competitions better, two additional tiers of seats were installed over the previous roof.

The Camp Nou was changed a little after 1982, excluding for the opening of the club museum in 1984. In 1993-1994, the pitch of the football stadium was lowered by 2.5 meters for the removing of security gap between lawn and galleries. In addition, standing rooms were replaced by individual seats. By the 1998-99 season, a new press box was added and renovation of the presidential grandstand, boxes, parking under the main stand were completed in time.

The stadium was taken to host the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final later that year where Manchester United played Bayern Munich. During 1998-99, UEFA assessed Camp Nou as a five-star stadium for its sound service and good infrastructure. In 2000, fans voted to choose a better name for the stadium. The final sequence of vote reveals that the nickname Camp Nou was more popular than Estadi del FC Barcelona. In the end, the stadium was named as Camp Nou after understanding the ideas of people.

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the stadium, the club issued a tender to remodel the stadium. In order to keep the integrate facilities and the highly visible urban environment, the proposal was rejected.