Torres Says Messi is More Competent than Ronaldo Directly

The competition between most two competent clubs will be held. The most striking points of the competition is the competitiveness between Messi and Ronaldo as usual. Who is the most competent footballer, Messi or Ronaldo? An outsider Torres says Messi directly.

When confronting with the interview of Marca, Torres answers that they are two substantial different professional football players. Messi is in a dominate position and he is excellent in 90% aspects. And he has keeping the trend for many years. The achievements of Ronaldo is also inconceivable. In the era of Messi, the achievements obtained by him is also admirable. Achievements obtained by Messi may be many times without Ronaldo. Who is the best footballer? From my view, Messi is the best footballer. I have never seen a footballer like him. It is possible that I will not see this footballer no longer in future. As a teammate of Messi for many years, Harvey supports Messi certainly.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that nothing was more certain than death and taxes. In a certain time, the most important standards for reliability turned to be Swiss watches and German engineering. And cynics may argue that nothing is more certain than them letting us down.

Nothing will be more certain than a high-quality drama and a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Both of them will pit their wits and skills at the Bernabeu. Some marketers even utters, “Don't sell the sausage, sell the sizzle.” It’s a lovely useful information on the advertising work. One cannot elicit adoration for a block of oblong pink meat. In the contrary, savory shall be promoted at first. When you hear sizzles, the meat is frying in pan to evoke the best taste of the meat. In the end, customers can get a comparatively lovely meal. The story will develop as the line as usual.

But there is no need to find marketers for the most fierce competition between the two competent teams. One needn’t to cover the nature of original product with the most impressed memories, cherry picked from decades of action. As usual, the modern contest will reward us with technique, daring, invention, defiance, wit, drama and satisfaction.

In the latest edition: Madrid takes the dominate position in football. The club won numerous accolades and honors at European and Spanish champions. Real Madrid is 11 points after Barcelona in La Liga; the club or any team of Spain has never falling behind Barcelona so much to win a title.

In the critical moment, Lionel Messi got a 3-2 win for all spectators by his 500th club goal in the dying seconds. For the galloping run of Messi-esque proportions from Sergi Roberto, Barcelona’s sudden winning will offer the possibility to retain their title. If you have noticed Cristiano Ronaldo in the moment, he was like a bubbling volcanic lava, fury sputtering and burning.

When facing other side of the moon in darkness, Messi will groan about the inability of his team. He is also a magic footballer in Clasico.