A Classic Moment of Lionel Messi

On the occasion that Barcelona prepares to travel to Real Madrid, I would like to take you look back to classic moments of the Lionel Messi. A fuzzy-haired teenager was collecting various nicknames of famous professional footballer. The Barcelona teammates of Lionel Messi dubbed him the mute one, and others also know him as “The Flea”.

Lionel Messi accomplished his Barcelona appearance in 2015, becoming the Catalan club’s youngest score winner and creating new records since taken by Bojan Krkic. Although everyone knew Messi was going to hit, no one will predict the sequence of competitions.

The competition between Barcelona and Madrid at Camp Nou in March 2007 was proved to be the poorest classic moment in years. Barcelona was surprised to the poor ranking of the back three.

It’s difficult to believe that Lionel Messi has serving for Barcelona 10 years after today’s competition. Let’s look back to some classic moments bought by him. At the match against Albacete in May, 2015, he was designated as a substitute, and only he won one goal for his team only in 17 seconds. The classy bob for a 17 years old boy is unexpectedly cool. But some doubted that he was offside, and he was asked to do it once again. At last, the goal was scored by a soft-shoed finish, passing from Ronaldinho and falling into net finally.

At a match in May 2006, the second magic moments for Messi created by him once again. A newspaper uttered that he had “earned his doctorate” for creating the second miracle by himself in person. If the case is the same as that declared by a newspaper, there is no doubt that Lionel Messi may be a precocious child geniuses. Barcelona has been knocked out of Copa del Rey while Real Madrid missed two league games consecutively. The team arrived at Stamford Bridge with pressure. The club Chelsea had went through 49 matches without losing at home under Jose Mourinho; the Chelsea was defeated at the match, and their competition with other team ended there. However, Lionel Messi performed well at the match, and cut a striking future from many spectators.

Asier De Horno beat him and got sent off for the rude behavior, causing Mourinho to talk discuss on Catalonia. But this news was not harmful to Messi or led to negative results for Lionel Messi. He said that he had never been sorrow for the bad news for positive sequences of matches. Short after, Lionel Messi almost absent matches for three months for injuries on leg. Messi had done great efforts to get his team to the final with the performance at Stamford Bridge, in which the club Chelsea lost the qualification to play in the season prior to fierce circumstances.

On a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in March 2007, Lionel Messi exerted his outstanding skills and strategies, making then European Player of the Year looking like marble-treading clown. There is no doubt that the match is another evident proof of the young genius.