How Much You Know about the FC Barcelona Club Crest

Since the forming Football Club Barcelona, the club crest of the club has been endowed with rich connotations, embodying courage and decision of forging ahead. Certainly, the design of FC Barcelona cannot sever with the city Barcelona.

The Revolution History of FC Barcelona Crest

At the very beginning, the coat of arms of the city of Barcelona was taken as the club crest. The diamond pattern was divided into four parts evenly. At the same time, a crown and a bat on the top of crest are used to decorate the original emblem. In addition, the club crest is decorated with two branches on both sides – one laurel tree and a palm. The original club crest in early stage was an extremely good way to express relations between the city and the club.

After recover from severe crisis in 1908, Gamper decided to give the club a unique emblem. So, a massive competition aiming to choose the best club crest for FC Barcelona was held, and all people who would like to present a proposal can be a winner of the competition. In the end, the Carles Comamala’s proposal was adopted among many designs. Having played for the club from 1903 to 1912, he was also an eminent artist and a medical student at the same time.

As a result, the rudimentary club crest similar to today’s crest was created. In the bowl-shaped design, the two upper quarters are decorate with the St George Cross and the red and yellow stripes. The cross and stripe are representative symbols of Barcelona and Catalonia. The three symbolic letters “F. C. B” are printed on a white strip across the center of the club crest. The lower two quarters are decorate with colors of FC Barcelona and a yellow ball.

There are some minimal changes having been made from 1910. These changes were made for the reason of aesthetics and the outline. The most obvious change is the product of the pressure of political obligations. For the dictatorship of Franco, the symbolic three letters “F. C. B.” on center stripes are replaced by a Spanish version “C. F. B.”. In addition, two stripes of four were removed from upper-right quarters, excluding the Catalan flag from the club crest. Until the 50th anniversary in 1949, the original letters appeared on the club crest once again after decades of years.

The present-day emblem of FC Barcelona is a variation based on the design by Claret Serrahima in 2002. Lines on new club crest are more stylized. The dots among letters are moved away, and three letters at the center of club crest are smaller compared with precious version. The edges are smoother than previous designs in different years. The simpler design of the latest design of club crest is easy to recognize for many people. All above information is about the revolution of FC Barcelona’s club crest. How Much You Know about the FC Barcelona Club Crest?